CivTech provides the following professional services:

CivTech offers a full range of traffic engineering, transportation planning and traffic design services throughout Arizona. Through teamwork with the client and a commitment to excellence, we provide outstanding service and efficient and cost-effective design solutions, beginning with the feasibility and planning stages of a project to the preparation of engineering design plans and ultimately throughout the construction process. Our commitment to our clients and co-consultants is to communicate effectively, deliver timely, cost efficient designs and to expedite the regulatory permitting process for each of their projects.


Traffic Engineering Services:


  • Traffic Impact Analysis Studies
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
  • Toll Feasibility Studies
  • Pedestrian Safety Audits
  • Intelligent Transportation System Design
  • Traffic Calming Studies and Designs
  • Complete Streets and Streetscape projects
  • Conceptual Highway and Intersection Analysis and Design
  • Interchange Justification and Modification Studies
  • Roadway Striping and Signing Plans
  • Traffic Engineering Assistance for Local Agencies
  • Traffic Counting
  • Traffic Accident and Safety Studies

Traffic Design Services:


  • Traffic Signal System Design Plans
  • Traffic Signal Modifications
  • Traffic Signal Emergency Vehicle Preemption Systems
  • Traffic Signal Railroad and Passenger Rail Preemption Systems
  • Traffic Signal Bus Priority Systems
  • Signal Interconnect Systems
  • Traffic Signal Construction Management
  • Simulation, Optimization and Signal Timing Studies
  • Traffic Signal System Monitoring and Management

Transportation Planning Services:


  • Traffic Modeling
  • Traffic Forecasting Studies
  • Shared Parking Studies
  • Site Access and Circulation Studies
  • Corridor and Planning Area Studies
  • Travel Demand Modeling
  • Pedestrian, Bicycle and Trail Master Planning
  • Bikeway (Veloway) Planning and Design
  • Pedestrian Route Planning
  • ADA Accessible Planning and Design
  • Public Transportation and Transit Planning