“I have worked with CivTech for as long as there has been a CivTech. Dawn Cartier is a very intelligent and resourceful engineer, who has surrounded herself with others of the same genre. CivTech is one of the firms that once a project manager starts them on a project, the project manager’s worries are over. The project will be on time and on budget without a lot of oversight. CivTech is the company for the hard projects where the correct answer is what you need, not the politically correct one.”
~Steve Blair, ITS Engineers

“Rockefeller Group Development Corporation has thus far chosen CivTech for all of our Phoenix area developments and we have been very pleased. They are very developer oriented and have been a strong advocate for us in dealing with various municipalities in the Valley. They work well with our consultant team. They also have a good working relationship with ADOT which has been a big advantage for us on one of our highly visible projects adjacent to a major freeway and frontage road controlled by ADOT. We would not hesitate to recommend them for traffic engineering services.”
~Mark Singerman, Rockefeller Group


“Ritoch-Powell has a long relationship with CivTech due to their technical expertise, positive and ‘can-do’ attitudes, quality of work and maintaining our schedules.”
~Karl Obergh, Ritoch-Powell & Associates


“CivTech and Dawn Cartier has been our go-to Traffic Engineer since even before CivTech was founded ten years ago. They provide the data, based on proven engineering standards, and back it up with calm explanation even I can understand. CivTech has earned our trust and the trust of the municipalities we work with including Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Maricopa County and many other Valley cities.
I could tell about watching Dawn, about 7 or 8 months pregnant, stand toe to toe with a much taller, irate neighbor who had earlier said the traffic report was ‘conceived in fantasyland’. He had the traffic report completely filled with yellow sticky notes marking places he disagreed with. After 5 minutes she had convinced him her numbers were right and she allayed his fears. We never heard from him again”
~Carlton Beckstead, Fleet Fisher Engineering


“LVA Urban Design Studio has recommended CivTech as a traffic engineering consultant for the land development analysis and land use entitlement for many land development proposals throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  The staff at CivTech is very knowledgeable and very professional in the delivery of their traffic engineering services.  It is clear that the CivTech staff command the respect of their peers within the reviewing agencies at the various municipalities, the Maricopa County DOT, Pinal County DOT and the Arizona Department of Transportation.”
~Alan Beaudoin,LVA Urban Design Studio LLC