Though CivTech staff all exhibit the fundamental skills/characteristics—integrity, effective communication skills, enthusiasm, flexibility, technical knowledge, problem solving skills—that we believe are essential to providing a service and delivering a product that exceeds each Client’s expectations, CivTech also seeks out differences in perspective and skills. These different skills and perspectives that CivTech cultivates in each individual is one thing that helps set us apart from our competitors. This unique management philosophy allows us to provide our Clients with innovative approaches to, and creative solutions for, each project. The strengths and skill sets of each individual on the project team will be utilized to efficiently complete various tasks, produce quality products and successfully complete each project. CivTech has assembled a talented team that works together as a cohesive team.


Dawn Cartier

President/Senior Traffic Engineer

Dawn Cartier, PE, PTOE is the President and Principal of CivTech and specializes in traffic and transportation engineering. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. She has 20 years of engineering experience, working with both municipalities and private sector specialists. Her management style assures a positive team approach that is fully committed to the successful completion of any project. Dawn has managed numerous projects in the State of Arizona; her management and design experience includes geometric design, traffic impact analysis, signal design, signing concepts, pavement marking plans, striping plans, ITS, detour design, capacity analysis, and parking studies. She has been involved with many large scale transportation planning, engineering and design projects within Arizona including parts of the regional freeway system and Valley Metro Rail. She has also been involved with the public presentations of several major projects including the Casa Grande Transit Development Study, Red Mountain Freeway, the Northwest Extension of the Light Rail, Villaggio Montana and many proposed traffic interchanges. Dawn regularly presents at council hearings on various projects completed by CivTech.

Jay Yenerich, PE

Project Manager/Director of Design

Jay Yenerich, PE is a well-known figure in our industry with 23 years of experience. Jay comes to us from Valley Metro where he was instrumental as the Manager Capital Development. He is experienced on a wide variety of transit and highway projects participating in the planning, design and construction of projects. Jay led procurements and negotiated scope and fees for over $50 million of design and construction work. Additionally, his experience includes implementing transit signal priority, ITS design, fiber optic design, corridor and environmental impact studies, construction cost estimation, and intersection, roadway, and freeway interchange design.

David Duffy

Project Manager/Senior Traffic Engineer

David Duffy, PE is a Project Manager/Senior Traffic Engineer at CivTech. He has more than 37 years of engineering experience, including 22 years of traffic engineering and transportation planning experience with the Arizona Department of Transportation. The last 11 years were as the Assistant State Traffic Engineer in charge of design and studies. He was successful in reviving the signal, interstate sign rehab and HES programs by delivering more projects, more quickly and obtaining increases to the program funds in the 5-year program. David’s experience includes signing, marking, traffic control, signal, lighting and roundabout designs through the management of the Design Section. He has performed and overseen numerous accident analyses, warrant studies, speed studies, operational studies, no passing zone studies and data collection through the management of the Studies Section. David has been very adept at implementing ideas and programs. Through his experience working with ADOT, Dave is familiar with the development of construction documents for public agencies and the importance of ensuring there are not any ambiguities in the documents before advertising a project for construction. In addition to providing quality reviews of the construction documents, Dave is available to assist agencies in acquiring any Federal Funding for design or construction of traffic signals or other improvements. He is familiar with the Federal Funding options that may be available for local agencies and the requirements for submitting and obtaining Federal Funds.

Ben Good

Traffic Engineer

Ben Good, PE, PTOE is a Traffic Engineer at CivTech and has over 17 years of traffic engineering experience in the State of Arizona. His responsibilities have included traffic engineering design of signing/pavement marking, traffic control, traffic signal, traffic signal interconnect and roadway/pedestrian lighting plans. Ben has designed the traffic signal, street/pedestrian lighting and ITS for projects around the state including: Johnson Ranch Signals in Pinal County; Thomas Road Streetscape in Scottsdale; Arizona Avenue, Frye Road to Chandler Boulevard in Chandler; Dobson Road/Guadalupe Road Intersection Improvements in Mesa; Dysart Road/Thunderbird Road Intersection Improvements in El Mirage; and Grand Avenue, 83rd Avenue to 95th Avenue in Peoria. He prepared the signing/marking plans for the following projects: McQueen Road, Riggs Road to Queen Creek Road in Chandler; Canyon Trails Commercial Center in Goodyear; and Higley Road, Mews Road to Stacy Road in Gilbert. In addition to his design experience Ben has prepared numerous traffic studies for private developments as well corridor studies for local agencies, including the Yuma Road Realignment Study and MC85 Intersections Alignment Study for the Town of Buckeye. He is experienced with the Visual Lighting Analysis Software, HCS and Synchro traffic analysis softwares, the FHWA Traffic Noise Model, as well as the AutoCAD and Microstation drafting platforms.

Joseph Spadafino

Traffic Engineer

Joe Spadafino, PE, PTOE, PTP is a Senior Traffic Engineer with over 38 years of traffic engineering and transportation planning experience. His strengths are in the writing of technical reports, specifications and in conducting detailed research and analyses. Joe excels at the development of traffic impact analyses, traffic signal warrant analyses, speed studies and accident evaluations. Joe recently prepared the traffic impact studies for the Pepsi Distribution Center at NEC Florence/Chuichu Road at Peters Road, McCartney Center, Walmart Center on I-10 and Val Vista Road and Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church Expansion in Casa Grande.

Tove White

Project Manager/Senior Traffic Engineer

Tove White, PE, PTOE is a Senior Traffic Engineer who brings 29 years of professional experience in land development-focused traffic engineering and transportation planning to CivTech, along with the insight and humor that only decades of time in the business can provide. Her creative and strategic approach to evaluating and overcoming complex site access, circulation, parking and off-site traffic impact issues has been a key driver of her success. She is recognized in public and private sectors for attention to detail, excellent writing and presentation skills, and an exceptional understanding of the interrelationship between land use and transportation. She has helped public- and private-sector clients overcome access, circulation, mobility and parking challenges on projects in more than 30 cities and towns in Arizona, as well as in New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia.

Randy Overmyer

Senior Transportation Planner

Randy Overmyer is a Senior Transportation Planner dedicated transportation
planner with nearly 40 years of experience in transportation planning for municipal streets, urban arterial roads, freeways, public transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and transportation safety. He has excellent writing and presentation skills and effectively communicates complex transportation issues and concepts to the public in understandable lay language. He has successfully led development of comprehensive transportation plans at the local, regional and statewide level as well as in foreign countries, working with both professionals and citizens groups. Currently, Randy is the deputy manager on the Casa Grande Transit Development Plan.

Ruth Gutierrez

Transportation Model Specialist

Ruth Gutierrez is a Transportation Model Specialist at CivTech with 11 years of experience in the traffic engineering/ transportation planning industry preparing traffic impact studies, traffic signal warrant analyses, speed zone evaluations, parking studies, large scale transportation modeling studies, including change of access reports and travel demand modeling. She is proficient with the Synchro/SimTraffic and Highway Capacity Software programs, as well as the TransCAD modeling software and TransModeler simulation software. Ruth recently prepared the traffic impact studies for Casa Grande Commons, Valero 1668 Development, McCartney Center. She also provided the analysis for the City of Maricopa’s Maricopa Transit Feasibility Study.

Sal Peña

Senior Traffic Designer

Sal Peña is a Senior Traffic/Transportation Designer at CivTech Inc. He has 18 years of traffic engineering and transportation experience in the State of Arizona. Sal has experience in preparing traffic signal, signing, striping, roadway lighting, landscaping, drainage, and roadway improvement plans. He has a significant amount of experience with AutoCAD an Microstation platforms.

Stephanie Croker

Traffic Engineer in Training

Stephanie Croker, TET received her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Northern Arizona University. Stephanie is a Traffic Engineer in Training with experience in both traffic and transportation projects. Stephanie has prepared traffic impact analyses, traffic impact statements, and trip generation statements for a variety of clients. Stephanie is experienced with AutoCAD, Traffix and Synchro/SimTraffic.

Briallen Rees

Engineer in Training

Briallen Rees, EIT received her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University. Bri was an intern with CivTech and recently graduated from ASU to be our Engineer in Training. She has experience in performing a wide variety of multi-modal transportation studies such as corridor studies, area studies, traffic impact studies and capacity studies. Her responsibilities have included data collection, utilizing extensive spreadsheets to analyze data within study areas, calculating intersection turn movements, and preparing the document summarizing the analysis. Bri is proficient with various traffic analysis programs including Traffix and Synchro/SimTraffic.

ViVi Somphon

Marketing and Business Development

ViVi Somphon is manages the Marketing and Business Development efforts at CivTech and brings over 10 years’ experience in project and business management and operations expertise. During her 13 years in the legal industry, she was involved in corporate law, real estate transactions and acquisitions, as well as corporate formations. In 2015, ViVi joined CivTech and in addition to her marketing responsibilities, she promotes and improves relationships and interactions on all levels of various departments, including client outreach, business and partner networking, client management and project coordination.

Tearsa Gardner-Forward

Accounting and Office Manager

Tearsa Gardner-Forward has many years of experience as an Office Administrator and recently joined CivTech. She is responsible for overseeing accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, payroll, business licenses, health and business insurance certification, inventory supplies, human resource policies and procedures. Tearsa has direct communication with clients and public agencies in managing contracts, insurance, completing schedules, billings and applications.